Maham Amir

I am an enthusiastic individual with a wandering mind; always seeking something new and better only to improve my skills which can add more to my personality. As a child, brought up in a patriarchal surrounding, I've always been passionate to prove my individuality as a separate human being with my distinct values and worth, other than only being a daughter to my father or a wife to someone. In short, I'm an honest person with greater aims in life, from first proving my worth to becoming a better human being who can contribute to the world's development with an optimistic approach.

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What I learned from ‘The Theory of Everything’? | Maham Reviews

Life is certainly a pattern-less series of events. One after another things past by us and the only thing which is constant is us. All the life events may change us drastically but they don't change the fact who we really are. Theory of everything, a biopic film of world renowned scientist, Dr. Stephen Hawking, is based on memoir, “Travelling to Infinity: My life with Stephen” written by Hawking’s first wife, Jane. The story starts from 1963, a late night party where they both met each other fo

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A Day in London – How to Cycle Around? | Bikeshops.London

Where cycling in London seems a little too sweaty and confusing activity to some, the people who get into it can’t contemplate traveling any other way. It simply liberates you from being at the mercy of the traffic and others. You can enjoy all your views, stop wherever you feel like, and boost your health along with it all. Moreover, cycling around London is a great way to save money on transport costs and explore the capital as a tourist. However, it can get a little overwhelming with all th

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How to Create a Social Media Strategy that Guarantees Success?

It does not demand much of you. All you need to do is be conscious of your product demands and customer requirements, and create a plan that is practically doable for you. The best solution is to break it down into a step-by-step process. Here we have broken it down into 10 simple steps. You can follow it to devise a suitable plan for your business. Before you get into deciding anything, you first have to be clear about your business goals. What are you looking for, are you going for demand ge

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Maldives on a budget from Pakistan

Hello! Are you planning to travel to the Maldives from Pakistan, but worried about Pakistan to Maldives Visa, Pakistan to Maldives ticket price and can’t find budget hotels in the Maldives? Well, don’t worry because this is our Maldives travel blog Pakistan. We, Mr. Shahab and Ms. Durr-e-Sameen; real-life, professional, and travel partners, explore the world together and pave ways for you to travel in those locations as well by giving budget-friendly tips and tricks to ensure the best experience.

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Why do you need branding services and branding design in Pakistan?

In this globalized world where every business has come online, it is a need of the hour to collaborate with a digital marketing agency to get digital solutions for all your coding problems. Today, it’s very easy for any company to climb up the ladder of success through attractive graphics and active online presence along with decent services. Sheikh Studios Pvt. Limited - a Digital Media Marketing Agency - provides you with all what's required to climb that ladder of success; from strategy development, social media development, infographics to posters and all that with the boost of SEO optimized content to ensure your high ranking in search engine.